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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let the creating begin...

Ok.. the studio is not moving along so fast . With the holidays and not having help to paint and move things upstairs it has just not gotten far at all. So, fo r the moment my studio is from my recliner in my livingroom ! Lol ! I have been missing my muse for so long. I am glad she is returning. I sm also thankful for my friends on Flickr that have inspired me in so many ways. This post is of a Japanese Journal that I have begun. I was inspired by one of my artist friends (Sandy B. at . Thank you Sandy for your email and encouragement) What is a Japanese Journal I hear you asking ! It is an accordian style journal. It has 31 pages all folded up in a hard back cover. It is a Moleskine product and I found them at or I can't remember now ! Oh my ! Lol ! I have only found them in one size and that is 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". The paper is heavier weight and works great with my Sakura pigma pens. No bleed through ,so you can actually do both sides if you so desire. I am posting the first 3 pages. There is a string (the ribbon) that runs through the entire journal. Eventually it will have a story of poem written in it.When that muse hits me ! Lol ! The string was placed first . Then the Zentangle fun began. To learn more about Zentangle visit the creators site at... You may also see my photostream on Flickr at is a picture of the first 3 pages. Enjoy and thank you for joining me in my journey of healing and creating !!


  1. Ok there were links in this post !! Grrr... off to work on that one !!

  2. Kristy, how beautiful. I am glad that your muse is coming we know that your artistic talents are screaming at you to come out too!


  3. Gorgeous! Have you considered joining one of the moly exchanges? They're great fun. Sorry, I've been so behind in posting comments. I thought that might change since I've lost my job, but my family is keeping me plenty busy!

  4. Thank you so much !! It really wasn't complete when I posted it. I was just so excited to be drawing and tangling again ! Molossus... I just saw your posts about the Molly exchange. I would love to join in one. I think I have a brand new Japanese journal in stock !!LOL !! Imagine that ! lol !!