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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here's what's going on ...

Here's a bit of what has been coming out of my little studio in the country. I am having such fun playing with mixed media. New was of using the supplies I have on hand and enjoying the heck out of it. I posted about the journals I have been making.. well here is what I have been doing in them...The first one is one I did to remember my DH on Valentines Day..very healing!!

The next are just more pages i have been working on.
I realized taht the scans are not need to work with my digital camera to get better pictures !!

Last is what I entered in the Feb. Sketchbook Challenge.

Thanks for popping in...blessings and hugs...Kris

Friday, February 11, 2011

Having too much fun !!!

Ok.. here I go telling what I have been up to in my little studio in the snow! I am having so much fun creating hand made and bound Journal,Art Journals and little books to use for gifts. I started doing this because I wanted to create a unique journal to keep my sketches,mixed Media collages and inspiration in. So I dove in and found books on binding your own books. I fell in love from the start. I am an addict I think some might say ! lol ! But I am loving the creating of these little gems. Now I just need to use my Media Art Journal to finish some homework ! lol !!I will get that posted as soon as I complete it. I also have a post on my other blog showing pictures of all the yummy goodies I won from 17turtles and Bo Bunny...Check it out...

And finally here are a few pictures of the journals I have made.

Hugs and blessings... Kristy
From Lost Creek Studio of Kansas

Sunday, February 6, 2011

News from my humble Studio

Ok... I have a few pictures to finally post. I decided to set up a temporary "Mini Studio" as I need help to move things to what will become my much bigger,organized studio. I am having so much fun in my little place in the world. Playing in mixed media,studying and looking forward to another online class coming the end of Feb. I can't wait Christy !! So here are a few pics...

Here is my helper..(Tongue in cheek) Another reason I need to have room to play in and close the door !! Lol !!
Here is something I did yesterday...I have a new This is a hand bound journal I made !!

Thank you for stopping by !! Much more to come !!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My entry for Jan.2011 Sketchbook Challenge

Here is my entry for the January Sketchbook Challenge. The theme for this month is Highly Prized. So of course my family is what I highly prize. I have drawn word art and rather cartoonish faces representing each of my family and I. Marvin is at the top of the F with a Halo. Hanging from the F arare our wedding rings and my Pandora Bracelet. 3 objects I highly prize.

I I don't expect to win any of the awesome prizes. But this is a fun challenge and I look forward to doing each months and posting here and on my healing through art blogspot.