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Sunday, February 6, 2011

News from my humble Studio

Ok... I have a few pictures to finally post. I decided to set up a temporary "Mini Studio" as I need help to move things to what will become my much bigger,organized studio. I am having so much fun in my little place in the world. Playing in mixed media,studying and looking forward to another online class coming the end of Feb. I can't wait Christy !! So here are a few pics...

Here is my helper..(Tongue in cheek) Another reason I need to have room to play in and close the door !! Lol !!
Here is something I did yesterday...I have a new This is a hand bound journal I made !!

Thank you for stopping by !! Much more to come !!


  1. So glad that you are back at home. Your mini studio is great, you know many great illustrators used a desk or a dining room table in their dining room. Your hand bound journal is very nice too! You go, girl!

    God Bless

  2. Your handbound journal is beautiful !!